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Q1.    Do we have to order any minimum quantity?
A3.    You can order for example Batteries 1 box, batteries are usally packed 12 pcs per box. 2pk medicines, Ezwiders you can order in each. Medicines like Advil 24 count bottles, Tylenol 24 count bottles, Visine, Peptobismol, Shampoo, Deodrants, Toys, Hardware etc a minimum of 3 pcs.

Q2.    What if any thing is damaged in shipping?
A4.    Please do not worry. We take extra care in packing. In case if any thing is damaged we will replace it free of charge.

Q3.    What if I ordered a wrong item?
A5.    Please do not worry. We will gladly take it back and give you full credit.

Q4.    What if there is a shortage?
A6.    Please do not worry. All our orders are checked 3 times before shipping. The chances of a shortage is remote, but in case if there is a shortage we will send it to you right away. No questions asked.